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Frequently Asked Questions

We make recycling your glass in Kansas City easy. Just sign up for a plan, put your glass out on your scheduled trash day, and we’ll take it to Ripple Glass for you. But, hey, you might have questions. And we might have the answers.

Do you make money off of the glass you collect?

Nope. We do not get any fee for the glass. We started Atlas Glass because we think recycling is important, and thought this would be a rewarding way to (eventually) support our growing family while also doing something good for the environment and the city. Your recurring monthly fee is what keeps our trucks running every week.

Will you pick up from businesses?

Yes. Contact us for more information.

Do you work with home associations?

Yes. Contact us for more information.

I have a special event coming up. Could we arrange a one-time pickup?

Yes. Contact us for more information.

How do I know which day of the week to put out my glass?

First, refer to the “welcome” e-mail you received after signing up for Atlas Glass; it will tell you which group you’ve been assigned to (red or blue). Then, check the calendar page in our Customer Center. We’ll retrieve your Atlas Glass bin on your regularly scheduled trash day during your designated “group” week.

Why do I need a special bin?

It’s important they use an Atlas Glass bin so the trash collectors don’t throw the glass away.

My recycling collectors have been emptying my Atlas Glass bin into the paper/metal truck, anyway. What should I do?

Aside from trying to have a conversation while they’re on a busy route, try setting your Atlas Glass bin a few feet back from where you put your trash. We’ll still see it, and it will signal to the collectors that it doesn’t go with them.

We had a party and now my Atlas Glass bin runneth over. What should I do? 

If you have a Ripple Glass bin, you can fill it and put it next to your Atlas Glass bin, and try setting it all aside (see above). Otherwise, a sturdy cardboard box or other receptacle will do, but definitely set it back from the rest of your trash and recycling if you go that route. If this happens regularly, consider upgrading to weekly pickup.

What if my bin is lost, stolen, or damaged?

You can buy a new bin for $10.

How big are the bins?


• Capacity: 14 US Gallons
• Dimensions: 19.75”L x 15.75”W x 13.5”H
• Weight: 3.15 lbs

Here’s what it looks like next to the tall, blue recycling bins:

Atlas Glass Bin Kansas City Curbside Recycling

What if I can’t fill my bin entirely, should I still put it on the curb?

Yep. We’re swinging by anyway; we might as well take the glass you have.

Will you get mad if there’s broken glass in my bin?

Not one bit. We do prefer unbroken glass, though.

What if you drive to my house and I forget to put out our bin? Will you get mad then?

No, we won’t get mad. But we do our best to help you get your glass out on the right day by sending an email reminder on the Sunday before your pick-up week, and posting our easy-to-read-and-follow calendar.

Which Kansas City-metro neighborhood, based on your limited sample, drinks the most?

Based on our current route, that would be the Brookside/Waldo area on Thursdays. But that’s only because our largest number of subscribers live there, and it’s an area that is passionate about sustainability and supporting local businesses.


Have questions about what you can and cannot recycle with Atlas Glass? Since we take your glass to Ripple, we figured we’d just ask them.

Do I have to separate glass by color?

No, you don’t! All brown, green, blue, and clear food and beverage containers can be mixed together in the same collection bin.

Do I need to take the labels off?

Nope. You can leave all the labels on your containers, unless you’re into label peeling for some reason.

Do I have to rinse the containers?

Well, that would be nice. But it’s not essential. You may, however, decide that rinsing the containers keeps your home or garage smelling a bit fresher.

Can I put Pyrex or coffee mugs in the bins?

Ripple Glass cannot accept Pyrex, Corning ware, ceramics, dishware, or ham sandwiches. We can accept all glass food and beverage containers of any color (including mason jars and glass drinking vessels such as wine glasses).

Can I put mirrors, windows, light bulbs, or TV (CRT) glass in the bins?

We can never accept mirrors, light bulbs, or CRT glass. We can sometimes accept window glass. Please shoot us an e-mail at info@rippleglass.com to see if your glass meets the requirements!

For more Ripple Glass-specific information, visit the Ripple Glass website.


Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.